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Manual and Automatic
Leak Detection and Testing
with Hydrogen Tracer Gas
Sensistor, today a brand at INFICON, is the pioneer that created the Hydrogen Method for leak detection and leak testing. This method - implying the use of hydrogen tracer gas for leak test - is an alternative to soap spray, pressure decay and water dunking and is today used all over the world in a multitude of applications. Welcome to have a look at the world of Hydrogen Leak Detection!


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Sensistor Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector!
View the new H2 detector: High sensitivity, large dynamic range and short recovery time - for both big and small leaks

The economic alternative to helium leak detection
Hill Phoenix chooses leak testing with N2/H2 - Article.
Why leak testing with N2/H2 is fast, sensitive and inexpensive
Fully automated for in-line production
Translates bubbles into flow
and vice versa!

Try Bubbelizer a fun way to translate bubbles into a leak flow ...

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