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Leak Detection and Testing with Hydrogen Tracer Gas

Automated Leak Detection

Fully automated leak detection for in-line production using simple tooling. Dependent on the application the Gas-FET detectors can be automated using one of the following techniques:

1/ Local chamber clamp test. Useful when testing a joint of 2 tubes etc. A simple clamp with a seal is positioned over the joint, and then pressurized with the tracer gas. After a few seconds of accumulation the small dead volume is automatically sampled by the detector and Pass/ Reject result information relayed to the operator.


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Chamber Test

2/ Accumulation chamber test. In this test the test object is placed in a simple low cost test chamber. The test object is pressurized with the tracer gas – refer to ILS 500 product information. After a few seconds of accumulation – dependent on the leak rate- a sample is automatically drawn to the detector, analyzed and the result Pass/Reject is fed to the operator or to the master PLC.

3/ Robotic probe. A useful principle if the leak detection requirements are large, the test object is of a regular shape and the part is consistent in size and geometry.

4/ Special probes, chambers, etc are available from INFICON for continuous production line speed testing of tubing etc. - please request additional information.

5/ All detection systems have RS232 result reporting interface and a PLC logic control interface.

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