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Leak Detection and Testing with Hydrogen Tracer Gas


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Hydrogen Safety

It is a widespread misconception that the flammability of Hydrogen would make it impossible to benefit from its advantageous properties in leak testing. In fact, Hydrogen is only flammable in the concentration range 4% - 75% in air or oxygen, and can only detonate in the range 18% - 60% in air or oxygen.

By using pre-diluted Hydrogen, one can avoid the flammable concentration range altogether. Standard Hydrogen/Nitrogen mixtures are, for example, commonly used as shielding gases for welding purposes.

Hydrogen can therefore safely be employed for leak testing if used at the right concentration. A suitable concentration to use is the standard 5% Hydrogen / 95% Nitrogen mixture which is available in industrial grade from most gas suppliers. The price is only a fraction of the price for helium.

The 5% mixture is classified as non-flammable according to international standard ISO 10156. This standard not only describes how flammability limits of gas mixtures are to be determined, but also states that Hydrogen/Nitrogen mixtures containing less than 5.5% Hydrogen are non-flammable, irrespective of how this mixture, in turn, is mixed with air.
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