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Leak Detection and Testing with Hydrogen Tracer Gas


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INFICON Leak Detection and Testing Products - Sniffer Probes

PK50 Hand Probe

The PK50 Hand Probe is an elegant, ergonomic and extremely robust sniffer hand probe replacing the original H50 and H51 hand probes. Available with rigid and flexible neck, it is intended for use on older models of Sensistor Hydrogen Leak Detectors. Easy sensor change allows operators to replace the sensor in a matter of seconds. The ergonomically shaped grip also informs the operator about which direction the probe tip is pointing. More info

P50 Hand Probe

Hand probe P50, available also with flex neck, is a new ergonomic hand probe with built-in intelligence facilitating the operator’s control of the instrument. This sniffer probe has red and green LED's for accept/reject indication and white LED lamps that illuminate the area of leak search around the probe tip. The multifunctional probe button can also be set for activating the zero function when working in tricky backgrounds The Probe tip can be unfastened by the operator using a key, thus enabling a quick and easy sensor change. More info

P50 Flex Hand Probe with flexible neck

Hand Probe P50 Flex is an alternative to the standard P50 Hand Probe. With its long, flexible neck P50 Flex is ideal for leak detection on hard to access locations, typical for test objects with irregular geometric forms. P50 is an accessory to Sensistor ISH2000 Hydrogen Leak Detector. More info

R50 Robot Probe

The R50 Robot Probe is an accessory probe to the ISH2000 Hydrogen Leak Detector that is specifically designed to be easily attached to the nose of an industrial robot. The design is also allowing for maximum robot movement and to enable leak detection on complicated geometries. Easy sensor change allows operators to replace the sensor in a matter of seconds. More info

AP29 Eco Sampling Probe

Sampling Probe AP29 Eco is an accessory to Hydrogen Leak Detector ISH2000, which automatically takes samples from test chambers or local test points. It is designed for integration into automatic leak test systems in demanding industrial environments. Performs automatic calibration and features an overexposure protection function which minimizes recovery time. More info

AP55 Sniffer Probe

Sniffer Probe AP55 is an accessory to the Sensistor ISH2000 Hydrogen Leak Detector, developed for measuring a leak rate directly at the location of the leak. Fitting a narrow tube to the end allows testing in locations that are difficult to access with the standard probe. AP55 can locate and quantify a leak at the same time. More info

AP57 Counter Flow Probe

Counter Flow Probe AP57 is an accessory for the ISH2000 Hydrogen Leak Detector, developed for use in confined spaces, such as pneumatic cabinets, engine compartments, aero planes, boats, etc. where background build-up would normally mask off leaks. A unique system of air counter flow eliminates the effect of trace gas in the background and allows leak locating where no other method works. More info

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